Golf Tournament

Time to hit the links on Friday, November 2nd, with a double shotgun golf tournament at the famed Reflection Bay Golf Club at Lake Las Vegas.

If you haven’t played this Jack Nicklaus Signature Design then you’re in for a treat. Reflection Bay is arguably one of the best courses in Las Vegas and has won countless awards since it opened, including Top 100 Courses You Can Play by Golf Digest, America’s 100 Greatest Golf Courses by Golf Digest and a Golf Medal Winner by Golf Magazine.

As you put your foursome together, you can choose between an AM tee time at 7:45am or a PM time at 1:30pm. Golfers must either establish a tournament handicap by submitting three recent scorecards, have a GHIN number with the USGA or accept a tournament handicap of zero if they are unable to do either.
Tee prizes and gifts will be given to each player, in addition you will have hole sponsors spread throughout the course that will be serving drinks and food on select tee boxes. Players will also enjoy a continental breakfast for the morning round and a bbq lunch between rounds. On course prizes will consist of closest to the pin contests on par three holes, longest drives for men and women and more.

2017 Results
KP Men Hole #4 – John Manning
KP Men Hole #8 – Mason Spaulding
KP Men Hole #12 – Bob Little
KP Men Hole #17 – Willie Garrett
KP Women Hole #4 – Loan Le
KP Women Hole #17- Ayeesha McKean
LD Men Hole #5 – Taylor Klemp
LD Women Hole #11 – Loan Le

Gross Skin – Hole #2 – Eric Massey/David Comer/Roger Hults/Taylor Klemp
Net Skin – Hole #16 – Dan Partner/Kellie Thornock/Rick Chapman/Diana Chapman

Gross Division
1st Place – 55
Eric Ford / Nick Spencer / Matt Munowitch / Scott Benton
2nd Place – 55
Frank Larsen / Larry Keever / Rob Mullaney / Chip Madsen
3rd Place – 56
Vijay Solanky / Scott Phillips / Chuck Martin / Byron Waddell

Net Division
1st Place – 51
Catherine To / Nicholas To / Doug Anderson / Kenny Ebalo
2nd Place – 51
TJ Duncan / Becky Wishart / Gabby Lucas / Torey Edwards
3rd Place – 51
Jimmy Laughlin / Corkey Johnson / William Beard / Derrek Stewart

AM Shotgun

The Pack Frank Larsen 1A 55 52
The Pack Larry Keever 1A
The Pack Rob Mullaney 1A
The Pack Chip Madsen 1A
Wells Group Prentice Wells 1B 66 62
Wells Group Tommy Jones 1B
Wells Group Ron Staden 1B
Wells Group Greg Martinez 1B
Desert Willow Golf Resort Bruce Nation 2A 63 57
Desert Willow Golf Resort Brian Simpson 2A
Desert Willow Golf Resort Jason Wilkinson 2A
Desert Willow Golf Resort Rodney Owen 2A
ParTee Time Larry Malone 2B 58 56
ParTee Time Chris Malone 2B
ParTee Time Brett Bruneel 2B
ParTee Time Jordan Jenkins 2B
SkyOak Financial Derek Davis 3 63 55
SkyOak Financial Max Davis 3
SkyOak Financial Peter Kasama 3
SkyOak Financial Damien Rennie 3
Stat Meridian Eric Ford 4 55 49
Stat Meridian Nick Spencer 4
Stat Meridian Matt Munowitch 4
Stat Meridian Scott Benton 4
Team Rounders Kendall Thacker 5 62 55
Team Rounders Tom Mikovits 5
Team Rounders Andrew Mueller 5
Team Rounders Tyler Shelton 5
Single Player Dan Hood 6A 68 62
Single Player Ted Lewis 6A
Single Player Billy Garris 6A
Single Player Dick Harmon 6A
Las Vegas Paiute Golf Resort #1 Ayeesha McKeany 6B 57 57
Las Vegas Paiute Golf Resort #1 Tom Fischer 6B
Las Vegas Paiute Golf Resort #1 Jeff Reid 6B
Las Vegas Paiute Golf Resort #1 David Woodin 6B
Las Vegas Paiute Golf Resort #2 Jeremy Shay 7 61 61
Las Vegas Paiute Golf Resort #2 Jaime Pacheco 7
Las Vegas Paiute Golf Resort #2 Hugo Pacheco 7
Las Vegas Paiute Golf Resort #2 Adam Nance 7
Destination Henderson Team #2 Barbra Coffee 8 70 57
Destination Henderson Team #2 Kevin Gullette 8
Destination Henderson Team #2 Patty Charlton 8
Destination Henderson Team #2 Seth Maurer 8
Trump International Hotel Stephen Davey 9A 58 55
Trump International Hotel Carl Arnold 9A
Trump International Hotel David Enyeart 9A
Trump International Hotel Joseph Lombardi 9A
The Little Group / ReMax Robert Little 9B 61 54
The Little Group / ReMax Chris Viravongsa 9B
The Little Group / ReMax David Stuflick 9B
The Little Group / ReMax Luis Salazar 9B
Golf Summerlin Mike Gehner 10A 58 56
Golf Summerlin Jim Neigbors 10A
Golf Summerlin Donny Long 10A
Golf Summerlin Randy Dodson 10A
The Blue Heron Bogey Men Lysle Oliveros 10B 70 66
The Blue Heron Bogey Men Todd Richardson 10B
The Blue Heron Bogey Men Shaun Thompson 10B
The Blue Heron Bogey Men Mark Swinford 10B
Blue Heron Birdies Dan Partney 11 66 56
Blue Heron Birdies Kellie Thornock 11
Blue Heron Birdies Rick Chapman 11
Blue Heron Birdies Diana Chapman 11
Chip-N-Dales Landscaping Greg Struhl 12 59 54
Chip-N-Dales Landscaping Colin McTerrnan 12
Chip-N-Dales Landscaping Todd Kelly 12
Chip-N-Dales Landscaping Freddie Sarno 12
Amezcua Group Dan Amezcua 13A 62 56
Amezcua Group Lou Russo 13A
Amezcua Group Rich Sellers 13A
Amezcua Group Kim Sellers 13A
Audi Henderson #2 John Johnson 13B N/C
Audi Henderson #2 Jeff Kinsler 13B
Audi Henderson #2 JD Martin 13B
Audi Henderson #2 Aaron Rowand 13B
Broken Top Club Chuck Chackel 14A 60 56
Broken Top Club John Aspell 14A
Broken Top Club Kitten Aspell 14A
Broken Top Club Jim Olsen 14A
Sysco Las Vegas Joe Radetich 14B N/C
Sysco Las Vegas Derek Morrison 14B
Sysco Las Vegas Nick Raymond 14B
Sysco Las Vegas 14B
Sysco Las Vegas Team #2 Andrew Roth 15 N/C
Sysco Las Vegas Team #2 15
Sysco Las Vegas Team #2 15
Sysco Las Vegas Team #2 15
Reflection Bay Golf Club Team #1 Sam Hammond 16 N/C
Reflection Bay Golf Club Team #1 Shane Markuson 16
Reflection Bay Golf Club Team #1 John Manning 16
Reflection Bay Golf Club Team #1 Jeff Anderson 16
Reflection Bay Golf Club Team #2 Cody Winterton 17 59 59
Reflection Bay Golf Club Team #2 Seth Winterton 17
Reflection Bay Golf Club Team #2 Jerry Mansfield 17
Reflection Bay Golf Club Team #2 TBD 17
Jimmy Laughlin Group Jimmy Laughlin 18A 59 51
Jimmy Laughlin Group Corkey Johnson 18A
Jimmy Laughlin Group William Beard 18A
Jimmy Laughlin Group Derrek Stewart 18A
Catherine To Group Catherine To 18B 60 51
Catherine To Group Nicholas To 18B
Catherine To Group Doug Anderson 18B
Catherine To Group Kenny Ebalo 18B
Tin Cup Roger Reveyrand 1 62 55
Tin Cup Jeff Wood 1
Tin Cup Phil Wood 1
Tin Cup Jason Piercy 1
Team Duncan TJ Duncan 2 56 51
Team Duncan Becky Wishart 2
Team Duncan Gabby Lucas 2
Team Duncan Torey Edwards 2
Eldorado Resorts Mark Conn 3 60 56
Eldorado Resorts Scott Circo 3
Eldorado Resorts John Kuhry 3
Eldorado Resorts Todd Houston 3
Drunkin Monkeys Eric Massey 4 57 52
Drunkin Monkeys David Comer 4
Drunkin Monkeys Roger Hults 4
Drunkin Monkeys Chris Daggitt 4
Hatfield Team Mike Hatfield 5 70 70
Hatfield Team Jeff Tucker 5
Hatfield Team Bren Jasmin 5
Hatfield Team Katie Malone 5
Centennial Golf Club Vince Domenzain 6 60 56
Centennial Golf Club Dave Stiemert 6
Centennial Golf Club Gene Rogers 6
Centennial Golf Club Richard Balocco 6
Tiffany & Co. Bellagio Edward Stevens 7 64 53
Tiffany & Co. Bellagio Mark Lacey 7
Tiffany & Co. Bellagio Jeff Simone 7
Tiffany & Co. Bellagio Cal Jacob 7
Team SilverRock Randy Duncan 8 58 56
Team SilverRock Bryan Newman 8
Team SilverRock Chris Check 8
Team SilverRock Zack Siegel 8
Bad Ass Bendites Grant Aspell 9 64 61
Bad Ass Bendites Joe Seevers 9
Bad Ass Bendites Greg Judish 9
Bad Ass Bendites James Borden 9
Topgolf Las Vegas Mark Jarvis 10 57 52
Topgolf Las Vegas Sean Solodovnick 10
Topgolf Las Vegas James Kleiss 10
Topgolf Las Vegas Christopher Jonic 10
Wrigley’s Mojo Steve Farmer 11 62 59
Wrigley’s Mojo Robbie Citron 11
Wrigley’s Mojo Mason Spalding 11
Wrigley’s Mojo Jeromy Stokes 11
Destination Henderson Team #1 Colleen Hoos 12 66 60
Destination Henderson Team #1 Valerie Hahn 12
Destination Henderson Team #1 Doug Kolb 12
Destination Henderson Team #1 Brett Graham 12
Select Wealth Advisors Mitchell Horst 13 67 61
Select Wealth Advisors James Eberle 13
Select Wealth Advisors Mike Sanders 13
Select Wealth Advisors Gary Thompson 13
Golf Mesquite Adam Jasperson 14 61 57
Golf Mesquite Karl Larcom 14
Golf Mesquite Cody Law 14
Golf Mesquite Garrit Johnson 14
Team Kim Holden Kim 15 58 54
Team Kim Rich Haydon 15
Team Kim Neil Sauer 15
Team Kim Kogan Bao 15
News 3 Willie Garrett 16 70 59
News 3 Paul Charles 16
News 3 Katrina Lee Sutton 16
News 3 Natalie Brown 16
Audi Henderson #1 Vijay Solanky 17 56 54
Audi Henderson #1 Scott Phillips 17
Audi Henderson #1 Chuck Martin 17
Audi Henderson #1 Byron Waddell 17
Southern Wine & Spirits 18A N/C
Southern Wine & Spirits 18A
Southern Wine & Spirits 18A
Southern Wine & Spirits 18A
Loan Le 18B 70 70
Katherine Carroll 18B
Alex Wilson 18B
Blanca Maggllon 18B
As soon as registration for the 2018 event opens you’ll be able to register your team here



Gross & Net Division – Team Scramble Format


  • Handicaps: Each player will have their handicap for the round, there is no team handicap. If you do not have a USGA handicap you must bring three scorecards to the tournament director to establish a tournament handicap.
  • Drives: The team must use a minimum of 2 tee shots from each player in the foursome.
  • Format: The format for 2017 is a four person scramble.
  • Tees: Women play from the Rose tees and men from the white tees as marked.

Skins Game


  • The entry fee for the Skins Game is $80 per team ($20 per player but the entire team must enter). 55% of the pot will be donated to The Classic beneficiaries and the remaining 45% of the pot will be awarded to the lowest gross and net skins during the two rounds of play on Friday, broken up evenly. Skins will be awarded for low gross and net scores on each hole by the team. Skins are awarded to the foursome as a team to split amongst the members as they see fit. In the rare chance that no skins are won during the day in either division then the entire pot will be donated to The Classic beneficiaries.

This Year’s Hole Sponsors

Audi Henderson

Blue Heron Design Build

Chip-n-Dales Landscaping

Topgolf Las Vegas

Dragon Ridge Country Club

Trump International Hotel

Smart Solutions

City of Henderson/Destination Henderson

Southern Glazer’s Wine & Spirits

Beasley Media Group

Las Vegas Golf and Leisure Magazine

We have 7 more hole sponsorship available. Contact us if you’re interested in sponsoring a hole.